August Strindberg: A Life

Novelist, satirist, poet, photographer, painter, alchemist and hellraiser – all these, and yet  August Strindberg is principally known, in Arthur Miller’s words, as ‘the mad inventor of modern theatre’ …

Edvard Munch: Behind the Scream

The biography of the artist who created the most haunting icon of the twentieth century.


Fine Arts coverFine Arts (Piatkus)

A first novel best forgotten, just  up here for the record.


Magnetic NorthMagnetic North (Little, Brown)

Magnetic North (Little, Brown & Company, 1988) is Sue Prideaux’s last novel. Set largely in Norway during the late nineteenth and early twentieth century it was described by Margaret Forster as ‘a gothic novel in the best sense…and even a romantic on in the way Tolstoy is romantic’.


Rude MechanicalsRude Mechanicals (Abacus)

A dry look at the idyllic life of a picturesque English villiage.


Art Monographs:

Alexander AdamsAlexander Adams: Ruins and Landscapes (Golconda Fine Art Books)

A monograph on the haunting paintings of Alexander Adams. He studied at Goldsmiths between 1992 and 1995. He abandoned colour in 1994. His monochrome interpretations of landscapes and ruins recollect



Thore HerambThore Heramb (Labyrinth Press)

As a young man arriving in Paris, Thore Heramb’s dilemma was how to reconcile the intricate, spatially-fragmented constructions of the Cubists led by Picasso, with the Fauves’ delicious preoccupation with pure colour used arbitrarily for emotional and decorative effect.


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