Reviews of Strindberg: A Life

Sam Leith in The Spectator (17th March 2012)

Claudia FitzHerbert in The Telegraph (2nd March 2012)

Tim Auld in The Sunday Telegraph (19th March 2012)

Robert Carver in The Tablet (12th April 2012)

On the sale of The Scream

Iconic angst: Edvard Munch’s The Scream from The Economist (by Sue Prideaux)

The inside story of the $120 million ‘Scream’ (interview with Sue Prideaux)

Recent writing

Article for Tate Etc. on Munch and photography

The Munch Museum – Oslo, Norway
The Rolf E. Stenersen Collection – Oslo, Norway
The National Gallery – Oslo, Norway
The Bergen Art Museum – Bergen, Norway
The National Gallery – Stockholm.
Theilska Galleriet – Stockholm.
Kunstmuseum Basel – Switzerland.
J.Paul Getty Museum – Malibu (to view Starry Night)
The Sick Child is one of the very few Munch paintings in public ownership in the UK. It is in the collection of the Tate Gallery and may be viewed by appointment if it is not on currently display.
Royal Academy of Arts – London
MoMA (Museum of  Modern Art) – New York
Museum for Religious Art Torshavn, Denmark
Henie – Onstad Kunstsenter – Høvikodden, Norway
The Strindberg Museum – Stockholm.
The Ibsen Museum – Oslo.
The World Monuments Fund

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