Book of the Week

The BBC have chosen  ‘Edvard Munch: Behind the Scream’ to be their ‘Book of the Week’ on BBC Radio 4 throughout the week beginning November 7th.  Five episodes will be broadcast, each lasting quarter of an hour between 9.45 and 10 am and repeated again at half past midnight. Louis Hilyer will be reading Munch. Hilyer is a member of  The Royal Shakespeare Company; he played Banquo in their Macbeth. He should make a fascinating Munch.

The Royal Academy  of Arts Magazine No 88, Autumn 2005, carries the article ‘Beneath the Skin’ which takes an extract from ‘Edvard Munch: Behind The Scream’  . It tells the story of  how Munch’s instense  relationship with Tulla Larsen came to a bloody climax when a violent struggle left Munch’s hand shattered with a bullet. The incident inspired some of Munch’s most iconic works.

BBC History Magazine September 2005 (vol 6, no.9) carries the story  entitled, ‘How The Scream was saved from Hitler’  based on the passage in the biography which reveals how some 30 of Munch’s major paintings including The Scream were hidden from the Occupying German forces in Norway throughout World War II , after Hitler had declared them ‘Degenerate Art’  which must be

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