Reviews of Strindberg: A Life

Reviews of Strindberg: A Life 

The Spectator,  17 March 2012  ‘What an absolutely extraordinary man Strindberg was, and what a tormented, demented life he led!  I haven’t read such a fascinating biography for ages…Prideaux has a lovely, dry turn of phrase: “Strindberg’s differences with Grandfather Reischl  over their attitude to money, Jews and pianos finally volatilised”; Strindberg’s  first wife  had ” a graceful neck, a feature much prized in those  days when people were still beheaded in Sweden”. In other words, you can see how much  fun the author is having with Strindberg. Anyone reading her marvellous book will have that much fun too.’ Sam Leith

Saturday Telegraph 3rd March  2012  ‘Prideaux is a deft guide to the absinthe-heavy bohemian underworlds of Berlin and Paris…’ Claudia FitzHerbert.

Sunday Telegraph 18th March 2012 ‘…the joy of her book is in the detail, from quoted letters and diaries and some stunning  photography…Prideaux tells an extraordinarily wierd story with some panache.’ Tim Auld.

The Sunday Times 18th March 2012 ‘ A rich and absorbing biography…writing the life of a frezied and unstable genius like Strindberg is an enormous challenge and  Prideaux rises to it with fine authority.’ John Carey.

The Scotsman 26th March 2012  ‘Prideaux’s exhaustively researched biography is a deft piece of detective work…’

Times Literary Supplement ‘She is admirably thorough in  tracing Strindberg’s conflicting influences…and in documenting  the many intellectual and geographical adventures…Prideaux reveals Strindberg to have been, if not involved in the intellectual mainstream,  powerfully involved in the cross-currents.’ John Stokes

Literary Review  April 2012 ‘…unflailing flair…Prideaux excels in  relating his characters to their living originals, and in showing how they were transformed by the process…’  Irving Wardle.

The Tablet 14th April 2012 ‘Prideaux’s lively account of a wilful, passionate, often deranged pilgrimmage in search of truth, artistic honesty and, finally, God, will change our narrow perspective on this astonishing polymath.’

Guardian 21st April 2012 ‘Prideaux’s achievement is to restore Strindberg’s humanity… Prideaux’s sophisticated book  makes it entirely credible.’  Ruth Scurr

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